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Name: Fabian Collazo
Year: Senior
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology/Molecular Toxicology
Activities: Red Cross, Berkeley Free Clinic - Gay Men's Health Collective, Casida Lab, Forsight (Pre-Optometry), Pre-Vet club, Guinea Pigs!!!

Coming to Berkeley as a freshie and navigating through everything thrown at you can often seem overwhelming but being in CNR makes everything more manageable. Initially when applying I choose CNR out of sheer mistake since I didn't spot any biology majors in other colleges besides CNR. When I later found out about MCB and IB it really didn't matter since I was absolutely in love with CNR by then and I am so excited to pass on my enthusiasm!

Being a very indecisive person for the most part actually makes me able to advise more people. Having considered Molecular Toxicology as a second major for a very long time has made me very familiar with both majors. I also am very split over my plans after graduation, not knowing if I want to go to grad, med, optometry, pharmacy or vet school but the good thing is that this has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge about the various professions and school requirements for various professional schools.

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