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Name: Elizabeth Pelayo
Major: Nutritional Science- Physiology and Metabolism
Year: 5th year
Favorite Classes: Nutritional Science and Toxicology (NST) 160- Human Nutrition: Normal Physiology and Pathophysiology of Disease, NST 166- Nutrition in the Community

Current Status: I am very excited to be part of the PAL's Program and offer information, my advice and listen to my fellow peers. Deciding on my major was not a straight path, but after hearing from my friends and experiencing the friendly environment that CNR offers their students, I knew that I wanted to be part of the college. In addition, what helped me decide was the fact that I enjoyed the NST classes so much. I love learning about how the foods we eat affects our health and how metabolic diseases occur and how they affect us, especially type 2 Diabetes. The classes were and continue to be a great fit for me because I apply many of the information that I learn and I enjoy sharing this information with my family and friends. I think that what we study should reflect what we are truly interested in because after all our education is in our hands.

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