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Name: Irene Liao
Major: Genetics and Plant Biology (GPB)
Minor in Dance and Performance Studies
Year: Senior/5th Year

Favorite Classes: TDPS 40 Beginning Modern Dance Technique, TDPS 121 Performance and Culture, Asian American Performance: (E)Merging Identities, TDPS 52AC Reflections of Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity in American Dance, PMB 113 California Mushrooms, IB 117 Medical Ethnobotany, PE 60 Cultural Sources of Dance, Rhythm, and Movement, Bio 1AL General Biology Laboratory, ESPM C149 Molecular Ecology, IB 102 Introduction to California Plant Life, NST 104 Human Food Practices, TDPS 153B Changing Forms in 20th-Century Dance, IB 168 Systematics of Vascular Plants, TDPS 144 Sources for Movement, ESPM C107/IB C158 Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands Other Activities: Cal Habitat for Humanity, Research in the Specht Lab, Contra Dancing

Current Status: Last semester at Berkeley! Writing applications, working on my Honors Thesis project, and enjoying as much of Berkeley as I can in these last couple of weeks!

Life really works in mysterious ways. About three years ago, I was debating as to which universities I wanted to go to. Receiving an acceptance letter from UC Berkeley was only the beginning of an incredible adventure full of unexpected and rewarding decisions. Part of the reason that I will never regret choosing Cal has to do with the dynamic environment of Cal and the continuous support of the College of Natural Resources (CNR) community.

Berkeley just has so much to offer. In the academic arena, Cal offers so many areas of focus in the humanities and sciences that it can be overwhelming and hard to decide on a major. I wish I could just stay here forever and take all the classes I want to take, but for now, I'll settle on taking a couple of dance classes along with the plant biology courses I am required to take for my major. As a culture, it is equally as diverse. From debates about the latest research grants and construction of buildings to world-class performances and symposiums, the campus is always full of life and energy. Personally, I love the performances that are offered at or near Cal and the amazing food that one can find around campus.

Within Cal is the CNR, a smaller community that is very friendly and personable. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the students in the college, being able talk to someone who shares the same interests in plants as I do or even just to listen to people talk about whatever interests them and hear the passion in their voice. The faculty and staff who assist students in whatever way possible are just amazing people. They are just so nice and helpful, always answering my questions or relieving my worries. As a PAL, I have the opportunity help other students who are going through the same experiences that I went through and share the knowledge that I learned and continue to learn. I look forward to giving back to the community that has already given me so much and continues to do so.

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