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My name is Julie Ching and I am a fourth-year Molecular Environmental Biology-Environment and Human Health major. I am a pre-optometry student but I have a very strong interest in environmental and public health issues.

I love CNR because it is like a family. Whenever I need help or just someone to talk to, I know that there are many people in CNR that can help me. CNR's major advisors work one-on-one with their students and truly care for them. MEB is a great major in CNR; I am able to fulfill a lot of my pre-optometry classes and take various environmental courses as well. With MEB, I get to learn about how people interact and affect the world around them.

I became a PAL because I know how it feels to become overwhelmed with everything Cal has to offer-the classes, the professors, the midterms, as well as the extra-curricular activities. I want to be able to help and support other students along their path with the knowledge and experience that I have gained. As a PAL I want to spread the word about all the great opportunities CNR has to offer.

I will be graduating at the end of the semester and although I will miss CNR, I am excited to get some rest! Although I will be taking next year off, I will be busy applying to optometry schools and working full time. I will continue to work at a wonderful optometry office I'm working at now, and I will hopefully find another great job in the health care field. Additionally, I would love to travel New York and Japan if I can!

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