College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Peer Advisor Profiles

Name: Judy Li

Favorite Classes:

  • ENE,RES C180 / ENVECON C180 (Ecological Economics in Historical Context)
  • CY PLAN 118AC (The Urban Community)
  • ESPM 165 (International Rural Development Policy)
  • ESPM 155 (Sociology of Natural Resources)
  • ESPM 114 (Wildlife Ecology)
  • ENE,RES 102 (Quantitative Aspects of Global Environmental Problems)
  • ESPM C12 (Introduction to Environmental Studies)

What you love about CNR:

I love how students in CNR are truly following their passions - and eager to channel that energy towards making a more sustainable, beautiful, and equitable world. The professors are brilliant yet friendly, and CNR Advising actually cares about every student. This all helps make a community that is both diverse and cohesive, and proud to be in CNR.


  • Environmental/sustainability student group organizing, cooking with friends, baking bread, hiking, SCUBA diving, camping, going on adventures.

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