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I never could have possibly imagined what my life would be like today when I first entered Cal as a freshman in 2007. UC Berkeley opens so many doors of opportunity, and I am privileged to be able to pick and choose which doors to boldly walk through and reap life-changing rewards. I honor all who come to Cal in pursuit of higher education and a more well-rounded and full life experience. Through numerous activities -- such as becoming a PAL -- during this fourth and last year of my time here at Cal, I am grateful to share my experiences and give back to the community of CNR that has helped me grow as a student, person, and global citizen.

At the end of my second year, I founded a student organization (Care to Cure at Berkeley) dedicated to supporting and spreading awareness of pediatric cancer patients and families. Starting this community-oriented and service-based group allowed me to express my passion for helping others in a unique way that directly affects those I see around me. Through simple experiences like Care to Cure, I often feel that anything is possible at Cal, whether it be research, volunteering, or career.

As a Molecular Environmental Biology (MEB) major with a minor in Forestry and Natural Resources from CNR, I feel that my choice of studies is 'my own.' With six areas of concentration in MEB and the plethora of biology classes offered at Cal to choose from, I know that my undergraduate career path is dynamic, even for my pre-medical track and the rest of my life and professional vocation.

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