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My name is Jiaqi Yang. I go by Kay. I am a fourth-year Nutritional Science major, dietetic track. I transferred from Merced Community College. My intended career path is to become registered dietitian. I am considering devoting my energy to community nutrition in the future. I am also hoping to take part in the health advocacy of child nutrition and make an impact in the current concern of childhood obesity as a public health educator.

My interest for nutrition has rooted in the notion that "You are what you eat". The idea of how nutrition status can play an important role of optimal health for an individual and how different dietary interventions can contribute to disease prevention and the overall healing process is very interesting to me. Furthermore, I really like the fact that my career will be revolved around "food".

I love to play badminton, working out at RSF, making desserts, get involved in health education at the community level, watch movie and meet new faces.

My experiences in CNR have confirmed my initial expectation that it would be a relatively small college with a diverse student population and excellent educational programs. I personally love the fact that faculty members and professors in CNR are friendly and accessible. I think this has made my transition as a transfer student easier.

I enjoy being a PAL because I get to learn all the aspects of CNR and all the great opportunities that CNR can offer. Being a PAL is a perfect opportunity for me to give back to this college, this campus, and the student community. I want to provide assistance for new students in an attempt to help them to adjust to the new environment. I also love that fact that the PAL program fosters communication skills, leadership skills, and personal growth. Hopefully I will have a chance to meet you as part of my PAL experience.

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