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Name: Kelley Doyle
Year: Second
Major: Environmental Sciences
Hometown: Flemington, New Jersey
Current Class Schedule: Biology 1B, Physics 8A, ESPM 114, CE 11, and Biology 1B Field Lab

As an out-of-state student, CNR has helped me find a smaller community within the sometimes overwhelmingly large Cal campus. I love how friendly and accommodating the CNR staff is -- especially our major advisors! I fondly remember my first experiences with CNR on Cal Day as a prospective student.. I looked up to the knowledgeable PAL student panel and aspired to one day be apart of the program!

What I hope to bring to the PAL program is experience in a variety of different organizations and facets of Cal student life. As a freshman, I was so overwhelmed by both the academic expectations of Berkeley and all of the new opportunities. Since then, I have achieved a happy balance between school, work, and extracurricular activities. I've taken a variety of courses and enjoy helping others plan their schedules! In general, I hope to be able to pass on advice to anyone looking to get more involved -- whether it be Greek life, student clubs, IM sports, URAP, ASUC, part-time jobs, or volunteering!

Perhaps what I enjoy the most about CNR is the ability to explore different aspects of your major. As I was growing up, I became increasingly aware of pressing environmental issues that were occurring around the world. I wanted to pursue a field of study that would prepare me to solve some of those issues! So, I came into Cal as a declared Environmental Sciences [ES] major. The lower division requirements (chemistry, biology, physics, and math) provide a strong foundation to build analytical and scientific thought. Even if I end up pursuing a non-science oriented field in the future, I will have at least some scientific understanding of how and why certain environmental problems continue to persist. Once you get past the lower division courses, there is so much freedom to take courses in whatever interests you! So if you're struggling in Chem1A and Bio1A... my advice is to stick it out through the lower divisions -- I promise it will get better soon!

This is my first semester as a PAL and I'm so grateful to be apart of the program!

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