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Hello! My name is Rebekah Kim and I'm a fourth year Molecular Toxicology major. I was born and raised in Sacramento. I'm also a transfer student and previously attended UC Riverside and Cosumnes River College. However, my loyalty will always be to CAL. After graduating, I plan to take a couple of years off and get a job. I've recently gained interest in the public health field, so I might go to grad school for that. However, I want to make sure whether or not that's the thing for me before making any big decisions.

I became a PAL because I want to help new CNR students adjust to Berkeley, particularly transfer students (although I'm always willing to help continuing students too!). I spent my first and second year of college at two different schools so I know how it feels to adjust to new settings. Coming to a new school can always be intimidating. My first semester at Berkeley was really difficult because I was new and taking upper division courses. With the help of a PAL, I was able to pull through the fall semester. She encouraged me to talk to professors about the problems I had and to my surprise they were really nice! It's awesome to have professors who are not only well established in their field but are willing to help you succeed.

If any of you need someone to talk to or have questions, feel free to come by the CNR Student Resource Center. I hope to meet you soon!

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