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Hi Everyone! My name is Rezwana Abed. I'm a third year Environmental Economics and Policy management (EEP) major and a Global Poverty and Practice minor. I chose to major in EEP because I found the interdisciplinary nature of this major very compelling ever since I changed path in sophomore year. If there's one thing I have come to appreciate about EEP, it is undoubtedly the major's ability to provide a dialogue between environmentalists and economists which are two disciplines that in theory shouldn't exist in isolation but are often disconnected in practice.

I only recently switched to CNR from L&S and I honestly consider it to be one of the best choices in my academic career. EEP is offered in both of these colleges and I could surely choose to be in either. However, my decision to change college was heavily influenced by the supportive network within CNR. The smaller size and personable attributes of the CNR community really shaped my decision. As a student of CNR, the prospect of individual attention from faculty and advisers doesn't seem like a daunting possibility and I can't ask for anything better. It's possible that many of you will undergo similar situations and will need a soul to chat with. I'll be happy to share my experiences with you and offer you any help I can. Feel free to drop by any time!

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