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Hi everyone, my name is Selina Chou. I am a fourth-year Nutritional Science - Dietetics major. I was born and raised in Asia, and I came to the states and settled in LA with family when I was 15. I am a transfer student, and this is going to be my second year at Cal.

Being a transfer student is very tough because I have to go through the transition and frustration without family or friends support. I was pretty much on my own to figure out everything, like how do I register for classes, what courses to take, and what are the college requirements. I didn't even know where to get good food, where to shop for groceries, and how to meet new people, etc.

Fortunately, CNR has such a great supportive network with friendly staff to help out students with their academic and daily life. I am very grateful for being one of the members in this big family. As a Peer Advising Leader, I hope my positive experience can help out more fellow students and bring them a better college life.

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