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After getting rejected from UCSD and UCLA, I prepared myself for the rejection letter from Cal. But it seems like CNR saw something in me and I intend to take full advantage of the opportunities that are granted to me. One of the best decisions I've made is majoring in Microbial Biology. I am able to be on the pre-med track (hoping to get into sports medicine/physical therapy) while taking course that I find interesting. There are also lots of labs that pertain to my majors in CNR to find lab experience. And as if not enough doors have been opened yet, the college advisors are continuously updating me with even more chances to get myself involved.

Cal has provided me with so many resources that I feel it's time for me to give back to it. Being a PAL I want to be able to share my experiences and help other students succeed in their college careers. I have taken almost all of my lower division requirements and some of the upper division classes. I also have done some work in a research lab as well as work in sports medicine. So go ahead and drop in for a chat!

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