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Time flies when you are having fun! My first year at Berkeley is definitely a memorable one. Berkeley opens so many doors of opportunities for its students, especially if you are an undeclared student who desires to explore the various majors and find one that suits you best. The courses at Berkeley have its own uniqueness and dynamics that help broadens your interest and knowledge. During my freshman year, I took general prerequisite courses that fulfill my intended major requirements but at the same time, I also enrolled in courses in other majors, which was Plant Biology 40. My interest in the various plants led me to join a plant biology research lab to learn more about plants and bacteria. This research experience allowed me to get a sneak peak of the diverse field of research within Berkeley. Just from this experience, I was able to gain valuable lab skills and learn to run PCR reactions, which was really fun!

My advice to new students is: do not feel compelled to pursue one particular major but explore many others and in the end, the experience is much more rewarding. As a Peer Advising Leader, I want to share my experience with all CNR students and encourage you guys to take initiatives and get involved in whatever field that interests you! Within CNR, we have very friendly staff and peer advisors who are here to help answer your questions and provide you with the opportunities to enhance your learning experience. Remember to always broaden your horizon. I look forward to meeting you all, so do come to Office Hours!

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