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Name: Wellington Onyenwe
Year: Fourth
Major: Molecular Toxicology
Favorite Hobbies: Culinary Arts, Martial Arts, Enjoying New Experiences
Favorite Campus Building: Mulford! (duh :-))
Favorite Classes: NST 120: Molecular Toxicology, ESPM 162: Bioethics and Society, AAS 27AC: Minorities in a Majority Culture, PE 1: Yongmudo

Hey CNRers! I have for you the secrets of success in CNR that very few know. Believe me, I have dealt with the long journey and am overjoyed to lift as I continue to climb. I'm very honored to be a part of PAL program and the CNR family. My interest in Molecular Toxicology came about as a child. I was always intrigued by how taking too much of medication that is supposed to heal, could have negative effects. The rest, as they say, is history.

Toxicology deals with seeking lethal versus therapeutic thresholds of natural and synthesized toxic agents. What I especially find amazing about this major is that it has a wide array of studies ranging from food, to herbs, and hard drugs. Of course, I fell in love with hit television shows such as Crime 360 and C.S.I. and have decided to pursue the forensic aspects of Toxicology. Currently, I'm getting my hands dirty at the Alameda County Sheriff's Office: Criminalistics Laboratory!

When I'm not analyzing bullets, drug reports, and textbooks.... You can find me kicking and throwing people at the RSF! I feel Yongmudo and martial arts in general are a safe and healthy way to promote fitness and self-defense. Everyone should try it at least once in life. After a long hard day of mental and physical wear, nothing beats my other favorite hobby! Gourmet culinary arts is another passion I have been fascinated with since I could remember. Speaking of remember, don't forget I am here for each and everyone you who need advice. Whether it's for classes or balancing school and personal life, I'm here to help. Remember, stay positive and we are a family here dedicated to helping each other successfully complete our journey in CNR. Best regards and see you soon.

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