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Name: Yanna Chen
Year: Fourth year
Major: Nutritional Science — Physiology and Metabolism
Minor in Education
Minor in Math and Science Education
Favorite Classes: NST c159, NST 160, NST 108A/B, ED n40AC, German c109, UGIS 189, UGBA 102A, and Dutch 177
Favorite Activities: traveling abroad, hiking with friends, and meeting new people

I love UC Berkeley and CNR! I came from a small early college high school where I knew the names and faces of every student in my high school. My graduating class had 13 students and I was the second graduating class. When I graduated from high school there were about 120 students total from freshmen to seniors. Compared to UC Berkeley, Pimentel Hall alone holds four times more students than my high school. As a first year in UC Berkeley, CNR eased the transition from high school to a research university. I felt welcomed on Cal Day and CalSO. The more I learned about CNR, the more thankful I was to be CNR. CNR is a small college within a big university. At UC Berkeley, I have the world of endless opportunities which is overwhelming because there is too much to do and not enough time. However in CNR, my world became a tight knit community with advisors, staff, and Peer Advising Leaders (PALs) to support me. It is the best of both worlds, the perfect combination of a research university with a college community to address the needs of individual students.

My quick and important advice for all CNR students is to schedule an appointment with your advisor early. One of my hobbies is making schedules. If anyone needs help planning schedules, stop by my office hours. For undeclared students, my advice is to pick a major that you have an interest in and later if you do not like major, change it! I heard that piece of advice from a guest speaker which has helped me decide on my major. When I was high school senior, I checked off Nutritional Science when I applied to UC Berkeley and four years later today I am still majoring in Nutritional Science. The short story of why I chose that major is because I love food, the longer reason is available exclusively when I meet you in person. As a PAL, I enjoy planning schedules, answering questions, and sharing my advice so please visit me during office hours.

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