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Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I am a third year Molecular Environmental Biology Major. I decided to join PAL because I like CNR's caring, friendly, and personal environment. To me, CNR is like a treasure box with endless opportunities and possibilities that not too many students on campus know about. In CNR, there is more opportunity to have one on one interactions with professors and advisors. I love how my advisors know who I am and say hi to me when I enter into their offices. I love how CNR staffs are always so patient and so eager to help me with my questions regarding career, class selections, or research positions. I love how MEB provides many choices and flexibility in terms of class selection and my major also helps me with satisfying pre-med requirements.

Besides studying, I play basketball, swim, jog, and hang out with friends. On weekdays I spent many hours with research and on weekends I volunteer at Alta Bates Hospital. This is my first semester with PAL and I hope I can help you guys with anything related to college, major, and class questions! Hope everyone is having fun in school!

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