5 Interview Tips for Getting an Internship in a Research Lab!

So you’ve landed the science job of your dreams…well at least an interview for an internship in a research lab that has an opening…now don’t blow it! Here are our five top tips for making the best impression! Avoid pointing out that the whole place has a weird background hum. Most science labs have some […]

Demotivational: Old School Science

Click image to Embiggen! To be fair, this is well know image taken on 9/15/1911 from Scott’s Antarctic Expedition that you can obtain from Getty Images. But, you know, he is puffing on a pipe while working in a chemistry lab so . . . yea, old school. Fair Use Disclaimer: This site may contain […]

Climate Change Frustrated by Lack of Acceptance

Berkeley , CA – Climate Change, a global phenomenon that potentially threatens the very existence of every living organism on the planet is disappointed with the level of engagement most people have with this world wide disaster in the making. Despite more than a century of effort to fundamentally alter the environment, Climate Change remains […]

Lab Manager Totally Botches Intern Interviews

Berkeley, CA –Stan Darderror, lab manager for a large research lab at the University, confided in colleagues today that he “totally botched” a series of interviews with prospective interns earlier this week. Mr. Darderror had scheduled 20 minute appointments to interview and evaluate candidates to fill an open slot for a new “pipetmonkey”, the lowest […]

Rainin’s Adjustable Spacer Pippette Unboxing

Ingrid the intern unboxes the EA-8 1200 XLS adjustable spacer E4 XLS multichannel pipette. Multichannels are a huge time saver for any plate based assay; adjustable width multichannel pipettes are a levolution up. Yes, it’s a word DICE made up for BF4, but it describes the game changeyness of this pipette so we’re all just […]

How Not To Use Your Pipets

We’ve been thinking about pipets lately and Ingrid the intern has an unboxing video of the Rainin adjustable width multichannel. In the mean time we came across this amazing display of how not to let the pipetmonkeys treat the labware. The Gilson M P-1000 in his left hand at 0:34 retails for over $500 and […]