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The Fall AGU was held in San Francisco, Dec 6-10. We co-convened a session on "Water, Energy, and Carbon Exchange in Forest Systems" with Bev Law and Peter Thorton. Abstracts submitted by the Biomet group include:

Gu, L Post, M Baldocchi, D Radiative effects of volcanic aerosols and clouds on terrestrial photosynthesis.

Xu, L Baldocchi, D Seasonal Variations in Carbon, Water and Energy Fluxes in an Oak/Grass Savanna and in Photosynthetic Capacity of Oak Leaf in California.

Markus Reichstein, Dennis Baldocchi, Steve Running, John Tenhunen, Riccardo Valentini, Serge Rambal, Jean-Marc Ourcival, AndrGranier, Olivier Bouriaud, Thomas Grewald, Chistian Bernhofer).Validation Effort of MODIS LAI/GPP/NPP Products at FLUXNET Sites.


We received notice of funding of the project "Soil respirationn and carbon sequestration of an oak-grass savanna in California: roles of temperature, soil moisture, rain events and photosynthesis" by the Kearney Foundation of Soil Science. Jan. 2003- Dec 2004.


Wilson KB, Baldocchi DD, Aubinet M, Berbigier P, Bernhofer Ch, Dolman H, Falge E, Field C, Goldstein H, Granier A, Grelle A, Halldor T., Hollinger D, Katul G, Law BE, Lindroth A, Meyers T, Moncrieff J, Monson R, Oechel W, Tenhunen J, Valentini R, Verma S, Vesala T, Wofsy S. 2002. Surface energy partitioning between latent and sensible heat flux at FLUXNET sites. Water Resources Research vol 38. doi: 10.1029/2001 WR 000989.

The paper by Gu et al on "Response of a deciduous forest to the Mt Pinatubo eruption: enhanced photosynthesis" was conditionally accepted by Science.

Tang J, Baldocchi D D., Qi Y, Xu L. 2003. Assessing soil CO2 efflux using continuous measurements of CO2 within the soil profile with small solid-state sensors. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (submitted, Dec. 2002).

Staff News

Nancy Kiang is gave a Dept seminar on Dec 11 on her dissertation research and submitted her Ph.D. dissertation on Dec 19. It is titled: "Savannas and seasonal drought: The landscape-leaf connection through optimal stomatal control". Nancy is the first Ph.D. student to graduate from the Biometeorology lab.

Tess Krebs joins the Biomet Lab as a first year PhD student after receiving her MS from Colorado State University (Scott Denning's Group).

Alexander Knohl was in residence for two weeks. Alexander is a graduate student at Max Planck Institute of Biogeochemistry, Jena Germany. He is working on isotope measurements and is interested in using CANOAK to interpret his field data at the Heinish field site.

Staff News

Matthias Falk joined the Biomet Lab as the new Fluxnet Postdoc. He will work parttime until the new year. He is finishing his PhD at UC Davis with KT Paw U.


DDB and Liukang Xu attend the AmeriFlux meeting at Boulder. DDB gave an overview on the Fluxnet project and Xu gave a presentation on the Oak Savanna research project.Oct 22.

The new lab renovation in 105 Hilgard is done. We now have a conference table for meetings and 4 new workspaces for students and postdocs.

The lab downstairs is undergoing major renovation for future students and visitors. Sno Anatoros has joined the lab as a volunteer.

Sno is a UC grad and is interested in biometeorology. He is working on various calibration projects.


A collaborative proposal was written with Yoram Rubin and Susan Hubbard to study and model water exchange of savanna and vineyards using eddy covariance, ground penetrating radar and ecohydrology models and submitted to USDA. Its title is:

"Assessing Water Balance of Irrigated and Semi-Arid Ecosystems at Multiple Scales Using Ground Penetrating Radar, Eddy Covariance Measurements and an Ecohydrological Model"


The special issue of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (December, 2002, volume) on the Fluxnet 2000 Synthesis workshop was published. Papers with members of the Biomet lab as co-authors include:

Falge, E., Baldocchi, D., Tenhunen, J., Aubinet, M., Bakwin, P., Berbigier, P., Bernhofer, Ch., Burba, G., Clement, R., Davis, K.J., Elbers, J.A., Goldstein, A.H., Grelle, A, Granier, A, Guundsson, J., Hollinger, D., Kowalski, A, Katul,G., Law,B, Malhi,Y., Meyers,T., Monson,R., Munger,JW, Oechel,W., Paw U,KT., Pilegaard,K, Rannik,U, Rebmann, C, Suyker,A, Valentini, R., Wilson,K, and Wofsy, S. 2002. Seasonality of ecosystem respiration and gross primary production as derived from FLUXNET measurements. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 113, 53-74.

Wilson, K.B., Goldstein, A.H., Falge, E., Aubinet, M., Baldocchi, D., Berbigier, P., Bernhofer, Ch., Ceulemans, R., Dolman, H., Field, C., Grelle, A., Law,B., Meyers,T., Moncrieff, J., Monson, R., Oechel,W., Tenhunen, J., Valentini, R. and Verma, S. 2002. Energy balance closure at FLUXNET sites. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 113, 223-243.

Law, B.E., Falge, E., Gu, L., Baldocchi, D., Bakwin, P., Berbigier, P., Davis, K.J., Dolman, H., Falk, M., Fuentes, J., Goldstein, A.H., Granier, A, Grelle, A., Hollinger, D., Janssens, I., Jarvis, P., Jensen, N.O. Katul,G., Malhi,Y., Matteucci, G., Monson,R., Munger, JW, Oechel,W., Olson, R., Pilegaard, K, Paw U, KT, Thorgeirsson, H, Valentini, R., Verma, S. Vesala, T., Wilson,K, and Wofsy,S. 2002. Environmental controls over carbon dioxide and water vapor exchange of terrestrial vegetation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 113, 97-120.

Falge, E., Tenhunen, J., Baldocchi, D., Aubinet, M., Bakwin, P., Berbigier, P., Bernhofer, Ch., Bonnefond, J-M, Burba, G., Clement, R., Davis, K.J., Elbers, J.A., Falk, M., Goldstein, A.H., Grelle, A, Granier, A, Grwald, T, Guundsson, J., Hollinger, D., Janssens, I., Keronen,P., Kowalski,A, Katul,G., Law,B, Malhi,Y., Meyers,T., Monson,R., Moors,E., Munger,JW, Oechel,W., Paw U,KT., Pilegaard,K, Rannik,U, Rebmann,R, Suyker,A, Thorgeirsson,H, Tirone,G, Turnipseed,A, Wilson,K, and Wofsy,S. 2002. Phase and amplitude of ecosystem carbon release and uptake potential as derived from FLUXNET measurements. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.113, 75-95.

Tree Physiology paper that was produced for the Oregon IUFRO meeting last summer is out.

Baldocchi, DD, Wilson KB, Gu L. 2002. Influences of structural and functional complexity on carbon, water and energy fluxes of temperate broadleaved deciduous forest. Tree Physiology. 22 1065-1077.


Xu L, Baldocchi DD. 2002. Seasonal trend of photosynthetic parameters and stomatal conductance of blue oak (Quercus douglasii) under prolonged summer drought and high temperature Tree Physiology (submitted, Oct 18, 2002).

Meyers TP, Baldocchi DD. 2002. Current micrometeorological flux methodologies with applications in agriculture. In: Micrometeorological Measurements in Agricultural Systems. Ed. JL Hatfield. American Agronomy Society.

Williams M, Woodward FI, Baldocchi DD, Ellsworth D. 2002. CO2 capture from the leaf to the landscape. In: "Evaluating Photosynthetic Adaptation from the Chloroplast to the Landscape". Ed. W. Smith. Academic Press.


Liukang Xu attended the Chapman Conference on Eco-hydrology of Semiarid Landscapes: Interactions and Processes, Taos, New Mexico. 9-13 September 2002 and presented a poster. Xu L, and Baldocchi DD. Comparative Study of Energy Flux and Evapotranspiration of Oak/grass Savanna and Grazed Grassland Under Extreme Soil Water Deficit and High Temperature.

Sept. 6, 2002. Seminar. Measuring and Modeling Water & Energy Exchange of Ecosystems: Case Studies on an Oak Savanna, a Grazed Grassland and a Global Network of Field Sites, FLUXNET. Civil and Environmental Engineering Seminar Series. University of California, Berkeley.


A proposal was submitted to NIGEC and the Kearney Foundation to continue Oak Savanna Research

Baldocchi DD. PI. Roles of temperature, soil moisture, rain events and plant functional type on carbon exchange of oak-grass savanna ecosystems at two AmeriFlux sites in California. National Institute For Global Environmental Change.

Baldocchi DD. Soil respiration and carbon sequestration of an oak-grass savanna in California: roles of temperature, soil moisture, rain events and photosynthesis. Kearney Foundation of Soil Science


Gu L, Baldocchi DD, Wofsy SC, Munger JW, Michalsky JJ, Boden TA. 2002. Response of a deciduous forest to the Mt Pinatubo eruption: enhanced photosynthesis. Science. (submitted, Sept 9, 2002).

Baldocchi, DD. 2002. The role of biodiversity on the evaporation of forests. In: The Functional Significance of Forest Diversity. Eds. Michael Scherer-Lorenzen and E. Detlef Schulze. (submitted Sept 17, 2002).


The Fluxnet Office has been humming with visitors. Joon Kim arrived mid August to spend his sabbatical year with us. Riccardo Valentini and Dario Parpale were in residence from mid August to mid September testing new neural network theories as methods to fill data gaps and to produce spatial maps of fluxes.

Markus Reichstein visited on August 30 and showed progress comparing Modis estimates of NPP with Fluxnet fluxes.

Rob Clement was in resident the first week of September, working on compiling raw turbulence data sets to assess the role of low frequency contributions on fluxes.


DDB and Joon Kim attended the AmeriFlux meeting in Corvalis, August 27.

Staff News

July 1. Lianhong Gu resigned from the position of Fluxnet project scientist to take a permanent position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We are still searching for an able and qualified replacement for Dr. Gu.


DDB and Riccardo Valentini co-convened the FLUXNET 2002 Synthesis Workshop, Orvieto, Italy,June 20-22, 2002.


DDB presented a talk entitled: Partitioning Carbon and Water Fluxes with Understorey Eddy Covariance Flux Measurements. Lianhong Gu will lead a discussion section on Interannual Variability of Fluxes. A report on the meeting is available through the Fluxnet web site.

DDB attended LINKECOL Workshop on The Fucntional Significance of Forest Diversity. June 13-15, 2002, Weimar, Germany and spoke on: "Functional Significance of Diversity: Latent and Sensible Heat Exchange".


May 25. Liukang Xu, Lianhong Gu and DDB attended the 25th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology in Norfolk, VA. The following papers were presented.

Gu, L., Baldocchi, D.D., Verma, S.B., Black, T.A. Vesala, T. Impacts of clouds on GPP and ecosystem respiration of contrasting terrestrial ecosystems. Extended Abstract, 25th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. May, 2002. Norfolk, VA

Baldocchi, D.D., Xu, L. Kiang, N. Overstorey and understorey carbon dioxide exchange of an oak savanna and grazed grassland exposed to extreme soil water deficits and temperature. Extended Abstract, 25th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. May, 2002. Norfolk, VA.

Xu, L., Baldocchi, D.D., Kiang, N. 2002. Comparative study of overstory and understory energy and water vapor fluxes of oak savanna and grazed grassland under extreme soil water deficit and high temperature. Extended Abstract, 25th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. May, 2002. Norfolk, VA.

Anthoni, PM, Unsworth, M., Law, BE, Irvine, J, Baldocchi, DD, Kolle, O, Knohl, A, Schulze, ED. Comparison of open-path and closed path eddy covariance system. Extended Abstract, 25th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. May, 2002. Norfolk, VA

Prabha, TV, Leclerc, MY, Baldocchi D. Comparison of footprints inside a canopy between large eddy simulation and Lagrangian models.. Extended Abstract, 25th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. May, 2002. Norfolk, VA

Morgenstern, K, Baldocchi D, Barr A, Billsbach, D., Black, TA, Davis, KJ, Falk M, Fischer M, Goldstein A, Ibrom A, Katul G, McCaughey H, Paw U KT, Spectral characteristics of surface layer turbulence above sites of varying surface structure derived from FLUXNET monitoring sites. 25th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. May, 2002. Norfolk, VA.

May 12. DDB Attended GTCE/BASIN Workshop on Biological controls on the stable isotope composition of atmospheric carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide: process and applications, Banff, Alberta, Canada,May 12-14 2002 and presented the talk entitled: "Interpreting Stable Carbon Isotope Fluxes and Concentrations in a Deciduous Forest with a Biophysical Model." (co-authored with Dave Bowling).


Gu, L., D.D. Baldocchi, S. B. Verma, T. A. Black, T. Vesala, E. M. Falge, P.R. Dowty. 2002. Superiority of diffuse radiation for terrestrial ecosystem productivity. Journal of Geophysical Research 107.


Liukang Xu gave a seminar at the Biogeochemistry Seminar series on current research on the oak savanna ecosystem.

DDB and LX attended the UC Oak Hardwood Working Group meeting in Lodi and gave a presentation on the oak savanna research. Xu also lead a field trip of UC Extension agents and Professors at the Tonzi ranch.

DDB represented FLUXNET and attended the CARBOEUROPE meeting in Budapest. He as also charged with chairing the External Review committee, whose members included John Finnigan, Gen Inoue, Pieter Tans, Roger Francey.


DDB represented Fluxnet at the Asia Flux meeting. A report has been submitted to the Fluxnet web page.


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