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The Biomet Lab convened an International FLUXNET workshop in Firenze, Italy, Dec 13-15.


Strong, C., Fuentes, J., Baldocchi, D.D. 2004. Reactive hydrocarbon flux footprints during canopy senescence. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 127:159-173.

Williams M, Woodward FI, Baldocchi DD, Ellsworth D. 2004. CO2 capture from the leaf to the landscape. In: Photosynthetic Adaptation: Chloroplast to the Landscape. Eds. W. Smith, T.C. Vogelmann, C. Critchley. Springer. New York. Pp 133-168.

Staff News

Jorge Curiel-Yuste joined the Biomet Lab as a new postdoc. Jorge is from Spain and received his Ph.D. from the University of Antwerp in Belgium, working on soil respiration with Reinhardt Ceulemanns and Ivan Jansen.

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