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AGU meeting in New Orleans

B53D-1983 Multi-year coupled biogeochemical and biophysical impacts of restoring drained agricultural peatlands to wetlands across the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California, USA. Kyle S Hemes,Elke Eichelmann, Sam Chamberlain, Sara H Knox, Patty Oikawa,Cove Sturtevant, Joseph G Verfaillie and Dennis D Baldocchi

B21E-1990 Aerodynamic roughness: A simple and alternative metric to detect the seasonality of canopy structure using flux-tower data >Housen Chu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, United States and Dennis D Baldocchi

B52C-02 Identifying drivers of divergent methane fluxes from restored wetlands. Sam Chamberlain, Whendee L Silver, Tyler Anthony Kyle S Hemes, Patty Oikawa , Cove Sturtevant, Elke Eichelmann Jaclyn Hatala Matthes, Joseph G Verfaillie ;and Dennis D Baldocchi


Getz, W. M., Marshall, C. R., Carlson, C. J., Giuggioli, L., Ryan, S. J., Romañach, S. S., Boettiger, C., Chamberlain, S. D., Larsen, L., D’Odorico, P. and O’Sullivan, D. (2017), Making ecological models adequate. Ecol Lett. doi:10.1111/ele.12893


Baldocchi, D, Dralle, D, Queen, G, Jiang, C, Ryu, Y. How Much Water is Evaporated Across California?: A Multi-Year Assessment Using a Biophysical Model Forced with Satellite Remote Sensing Data. Environmental Research Letters


Xiangzhong 'Remi' Luo visited the biometlab and gave a seminar on his dissertation work from U Toronto on Estimation of Global Land Surface Evapotranspiration with the Consideration of Vegetation Structural and Physiological Status from Remote Sensing.  He is now a postdoc in the Keenan lab at LBL

Maricar Aguilos from the INRA lab in French Guyana visited the Biomet lab. We took her on a field trip to the Delta.  Maricar is working on carbon fluxes of tropical foress in Guyana.


ddb served US Department of Energy meeting of the Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Board, BERAC,  at its regular meeting, Gaithersberg, MD. Nov 2-3

ddb attended the Long Term Biosphere-Atmosphere Chemical Flux Workshop at UC Irvine and gave a presentation on Fluxnet and Ameriflux, Nov 13-14


Filippa, G., E. Cremonese, M. Migliavacca, M. Galvagno, O. Sonnentag, E. Humphreys, K. Hufkens, Y. Ryu, J. Verfaillie, U. Morra di Cella, and A. D. Richardson. 2017. NDVI derived from near-infrared-enabled digital cameras: Applicability across different plant functional types. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2017.11.003


Chamberlain, Samuel; Anthony, Tyler; Silver, Whendee; Eichelmann, Elke; Hemes, Kyle; Oikawa, Patricia; Sturtevant, Cove; Szutu, Daphne; Verfaillie, Joseph; Baldocchi, Dennis . Soil iron content and sediment accretion drive methane fluxes in restored wetlands. Global Change Biology

Hemes, K. Samuel D Chamberlain, Elke Eichelmann, Sara H. Knox, Dennis D Baldocchi. A biogeochemical compromise: The high methane cost of sequestering carbon in restored wetlands. Nature; paper is out for review!



ddb attended the workshop on Ozone Dry Deposition: Constraints from multiplatform observations and multi-scale modeling at Lamont-Doherty, Columbia Univ, Oct 5-6 and gave a presentation on Lessons from flux networks for ozone monitoring

Members of the Biomet Lab attended the San Francisco Estuary Conference and presented posters on

Elke Eichelmann, Evaporation versus Transpiration in Delta Wetlands: The Effect of Wetland Structure on Water Use ...

Kyle Hemes, Multi-Year Greenhouse Gas Budgets of Restored Wetlands and Drained Peatlands across the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California, USA ..


Our project, Carbon Sequestration, Subsidence Reversal, and Wetlands at Twitchell & Sherman Islands, in conjunction with collaboration with the Silver lab and Bryan Brock at the CA Department of Water Resources was one of five projects that won an Outstanding Environmental Projects Award by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership


Trevor F. Keenan, Mirco Migliavacca, Dario Papale, Dennis Baldocchi, Markus Reichstein, Margaret Torn, Thomas Wutzler. Inhibition of day-time ecosystem respiration. Nature Ecology and Evolution. (reference number: NATECOLEVOL-17102990) submitted.


Guido Salvucci from Boston Univ visited the Biometlab while on campus giving the Berkeley Atmospheric Science Seminar. He talked on this use of AmeriFlux data to validate his ETRHEQ model that evaluates evaporation across the nation with simple weather data.

Mike White, Nature editor in climate, visited the Biomet Lab and gave us advice about publishing in high impact journals, as we are thinking of submitting something regarding our restored wetland methane carbon work.


Kyle Hemes attended the 5th ILEAPS conference in Oxford, England


His presentation was Restoration in a contested Delta: Multi-year greenhouse gas budgets of restored wetlands and drained peatlands across the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California, USA. (0179) Kyle Hemes, Elke Eichelmann, Samuel Chamberlain, Sara Knox, Patricia Oikawa, Dennis Baldocchi

ddb gave presentation on Ways to Measure and Reduce CO2 Emissions and Their Climate/Carbon Interactions to a visiting group of business people associated with Felleskjopet, a Norwegian Agricultural Cooperative


Ma, Siyan; Starr, Gregory ; Desai, Ankur;  Bohrer, Gil;  Law, Beverly; Barr, Jordan ; Yang, Bai; McFadden, Joseph;  Phillips, Richard; Indiana University,Massman, William ; Baldocchi, Dennis. Are terrestrial ecosystems cold- or warm-adapted? NPH-MS-2017-25334 submitted


Sebastian Wolf stopped by for lunch and discussions on ET from forests. He is on his way to Sagehen field station where he has installed a new Ameriflux tower over a montane conifer forest.


ddb participated in the Workshop on Crop Responses to Elevated CO2 at the University of Illinois, Aug 16-18

Staff News

Isabel Reche has ended her sabbatical in the Biomet Lab and is returning to Grenada.  We had a great time working together, we learned a lot about wetland biogeochemistry from her and hope we taught her some about fluxes

Housen Chu ended his term as postdoc on the Fluxnet Project as funding ended.  He is now working up the hill as a postdoc at LBL. We wish him success on his new position and look forward to finishing an analysis of canopy structure data across fluxnet based on wind and turbulence measurements


Dr. Youngryel Ryu of Seoul National University, and biomet lab alumnus, visited and gave a seminar on his multifaceted work. He covered such topics as improvements of gap fraction measurements, carbon storage in urban landscapes, use and experiences with sun induced fluorescence to interpret photosynthesis of rice and new developments of the global BESS, Breathing Earth Science System, model.  We are working with Youngryel to apply BESS to assess ET and GPP across California.


Kyle Hemes attended the Colorado Flux course and ddb gave a lecture on flux networks


The Berkeley Biomet Lab convened the 2017 Berkeley Fluxnet meeting.   About 120 scientists from across the world came together to discuss the new datasets, think about issues associated with interannual variability, carbon and water flux partitioning and future directions.

Housen Chu gave a presentation on the status of Fluxnet


ddb gave a presentation on What is Annual Photosynthesis? at the Berkeley workshop on Photosynthesis, Carbon Fixation and Environment

ddb was a member of a review panel for the ANR IGIS program




Chamberlain, S. D., J. Verfaillie, E. Eichelmann, K. S. Hemes, and D. D. Baldocchi. 2017. Evaluation of Density Corrections to Methane Fluxes Measured by Open-Path Eddy Covariance over Contrasting Landscapes. Boundary-Layer Meteorology. doi:10.1007/s10546-017-0275-9


We had a number of visitors before, during and after the Fluxnet conference

Josep Penuelas, CREAF, Barcelona

Markus Reichstein, Max Planck Institute of Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany and his students Jacob Nelson and Juergen Knauer

Dario Papale, University of Tusia

Ladislav Sigut, Czech Globe, Brno

Youngryel Ryu, Seoul National University

Nick Smith of LBL gave a lab meeting seminar on temperature acclimation of photosynthesis


ddb attended the ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting at UC Davis (May 16, 2017), gave a presentation on Oak/Savanna Ameriflux site in California and led a field trip to the Tonzi Ranch


McNicol, G., C. S. Sturtevant, S. H. Knox, I. Dronova, D. D. Baldocchi, and W. L. Silver. 2017. Effects of seasonality, transport pathway, and spatial structure on greenhouse gas fluxes in a restored wetland. Global Change Biology doi:10.1111/gcb.13580

Fisher, J. B., F. Melton, E. Middleton, C. Hain, M. Anderson, R. Allen, M. F. McCabe, S. Hook, D. Baldocchi, P. A. Townsend, A. Kilic, K. Tu, D. D. Miralles, J. Perret, J.-P. Lagouarde, D. Waliser, A. J. Purdy, A. French, D. Schimel, J. S. Famiglietti, G. Stephens, and E. F. Wood. 2017. The future of evapotranspiration: Global requirements for ecosystem functioning, carbon and climate feedbacks, agricultural management, and water resources. Water Resources Research 53:2618-2626. doi/10.1002/2016WR020175

Chamberlain, S., Verfaillie, J, Eichelmann, E., Hemes, K. Baldocchi, D.D. Evaluation of density corrections to methane fluxes measured by open-path eddy covariance over contrasting landscapes, Boundary-Layer Meteorology. BOUN-D-17-00007R1. Accepted.

Baldocchi, Dennis; Chu, Housen; Reichstein, Markus. Inter-Annual Variability of Net and Gross Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes: A Review. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology AGRFORMET-D-16-00867R2, Accepted,

Elke Eichelmann, Kyle S Hemes, Sara H Knox, Patricia Y Oikawa, Samuel D Chamberlain, Cove Sturtevant, Joseph Verfaillie; Dennis D Baldocchi,The Effect of Land Cover Type and Structure on Evapotranspiration from Agricultural and Wetland Sites in the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta, California, Submitted Agricultural and Forest Meteorology AGRFORMET-D-17-00386


ddb attended the DOE Terrestrial Ecosystem Science PI meeting at Potomac, MD and the DOE BERAC meeting in Rockville, MD


Ma, S, Osuna, J., Verfaillie, J, Baldocchi, DD. Photosynthetic Responses to Temperature across Leaf-canopy-ecosystems Scales: a 15-year Study at an Oak-grass Savanna in California. Photosynthesis Research. 10.1007/s11120-017-0388-5

Pastorello, G. Z., D. Papale, H. Chu, C. Trotta, D. A. Agarwal, E. Canfora, D. D. Baldocchi, and M. S. Torn (2017), A new data set to keep a sharper eye on land-air exchanges, EOS, doi:/10.1029/2017EO071597.


The Biomet lab installed a new greenhouse gas flux field site over corn on Bouldin, Island.  This is a node in the regional network of greenhouse gas flux stations that are comparing the efficacy of wetland restoration compared to standard agricultural practices in the Delta.

Staff News

Kyle Hemes passed his Phd Orals Defense. Congratulations

The Biomet lab was part of a team that received the Innovation award from the American Carbon Registry.  The award was presented to the developers of two landmark methodologies, one for California wetland restoration and the other for the transition to low global warming potential foams. ACR honored the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy as the lead agency, HydroFocus as the lead author and both U.C. Berkeley and Tierra Resources for technical support for the development of the methodology for the Restoration of California Deltaic and Coastal Wetlands. Funding for the methodology was provided by the California Coastal Conservancy, Department of Water Resources, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Metropolitan Water District and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).



Siyan Ma, Housen Chu and ddb represented the Biomet lab at the North American Carbon Project/Ameriflux PI meeting in Gaithersberg, MD

Sam Chamberlain attended the Appropriate Complexity Modeling of the Impacts of Global Change on Ecosystems (ACME) workshop in Berkeley and presented a talk on Understanding emergent biophysical drivers of methane fluxes from restored wetlands


Liu, Y., M. J. Hill, X. Zhang, Z. Wang, A. D. Richardson, K. Hufkens, G. Filippa, D. D. Baldocchi, S. Ma, J. Verfaillie, and C. B. Schaaf. 2017. Using data from Landsat, MODIS, VIIRS and PhenoCams to monitor the phenology of California oak/grass savanna and open grassland across spatial scales. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 237–238:311-325. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2016.10.023


Kyle Hemes, from the Berkeley Biomet lab and DWR counterparts hosted a Delta field visit from a Colorado College climate change economics class. Discussion centered around California’s linked climate and water challenges, how wetland restoration could be used as a climate mitigation activity, and the challenges around measurement and accounting of land use greenhouse gas emissions. The group visited restored wetland sites on Twitchell Island


Chu, H., D. D. Baldocchi, R. John, S. Wolf, and M. Reichstein. 2017. Fluxes All of the Time? A Primer on the Temporal Representativeness of FLUXNET. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences doi:10.1002/2016JG003576. published on line. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/2016JG003576/abstract

Wharton, S., S. Ma, D. D. Baldocchi, M. Falk, J. F. Newman, J. L. Osuna, and K. Bible. 2017. Influence of regional nighttime atmospheric regimes on canopy turbulence and gradients at a closed and open forest in mountain-valley terrain. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 237–238:18-29.http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2017.01.020

Miner, G. L., W. L. Bauerle, and D. D. Baldocchi. 2017. Estimating the sensitivity of stomatal conductance to photosynthesis: a review. Plant, Cell & Environment doi:10.1111/pce.12871 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/pce.12871/full

Knox, S. H., I. Dronova, C. Sturtevant, P. Y. Oikawa, J. H. Matthes, J. Verfaillie, and D. Baldocchi. 2017. Using digital camera and Landsat imagery with eddy covariance data to model gross primary production in restored wetlands. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 237–238:233-245. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2017.02.020

AGRFORMET-D-16-00698R1, Using data from Landsat, MODIS, VIIRS and PhenoCams to monitor the phenology of California oak/grass savanna and open grassland across spatial scales, by Yan Liu; Michael J Hill; Xiaoyang Zhang; Zhuosen Wang; Andrew D Richardson; Koen Hufkens; Gianluca Filippa; Dennis D Baldocchi; Siyan Ma; Joseph Verfaillie; Crystal B Schaaf, has been accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.


Lei Zhao, from Princeton. Formerly in Xuhui Lee's lab at Yale and now in Michael Oppenheimer's lab at Princeton. We discussed land-atmosphere interactions and use of Ameriflux and Fluxnet data.

Paul Moorcroft, Harvard, dropped by to discussed continued collaboration of using Tonzi-Vaira data to test the Ecosystem Dynamics model, ED

Jeff Wood, University of Missouri, gave a presentation on the long term carbon, water and energy fluxes at the Missouri AmeriFlux site and on the new SIF measurements.


Oikawa, PY, Sturtevant, C, Knox, SH, Verfaillie, J; Yi-wen Huang; Baldocchi, DD,2017  Revisiting the Partitioning of Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 into Photosynthesis and Respiration with Simultaneous Flux Measurements of 13CO2 and CO2, Soil Respiration and a Biophysical Model, CANVEG, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology: 234-235, 149-163, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2016.12.016

Oikawa, P. Y., G. D. Jenerette, S. H. Knox, C. Sturtevant, J. Verfaillie, I. Dronova, C. M. Poindexter, E. Eichelmann, and D. D. Baldocchi. 2016. Evaluation of a hierarchy of models reveals importance of substrate limitation for predicting carbon dioxide and methane exchange in restored wetlands. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences: doi: 10.1002/2016jg003438 

AGRFORMET-D-15-00678R3, Influence of regional nighttime atmospheric regimes on canopy turbulence and gradients at a closed and open forest in mountain-valley terrain, by Sonia Wharton; Siyan Ma; Dennis D Baldocchi; Matthias Falk; Jennifer F Newman; Jessica L Osuna; Ken  Bible has been accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.

Photosynthetic Responses to Temperature across Leaf and Ecosystems Scales: a Case Study at an Oak-grass Savanna in California submitted for possible publication in Photosynthesis Research, SY Ma, J Osuna, J Verfaillie, D. Baldocchi

Evaluation of density corrections to methane fluxes measured by open-path eddy covariance over contrasting landscapes. Samuel D Chamberlain; Joseph Verfaillie; Kyle S Hemes; Elke Eichelmann; Dennis D Baldocchi. submitted to Boundary-Layer Meteorology


Miriam Johnston, Harvard. Miriam is using data from Tonzi ranch to test the Ecosystem Demographic model, ED, for California conditions of seasonal drought

Sara Knox, postdoc at USGS Menlo Park, and former graduate student, came by and gave a presentation on her trace gas flux measurements over tidal wetlands

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