UC Berkeley Foodscape Map Open Session

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Join the Building Equitable and Inclusive Food Systems at UC Berkeley project team for an open foodscape mapping session. This foodscape map will provide a snapshot of all food-related initiatives on campus, with a particular focus on issues of equity and inclusion. The map will compile and showcase the history, outcomes, and future potential of UC Berkeley teaching, student and faculty research, student organizations, administrative decisions and initiatives, and dining services and procurement. This map will not simply serve as a central hub of information, but also, and more importantly, reveal patterns of exclusion based on social markers of identity (gender, race, class, etc.) and highlight opportunities for change. By compiling such data with an explicit focus on equity and inclusion, our democratically produced map will provide a vital resource, and serve as a building block, for the UC Berkeley Food Policy Council, thus inviting the Council to adopt an equity-oriented approach to policymaking.

At this open session we will show progress of data gathered so far, brainstorm data still to be collected, and explore data visualization options. This map is a powerful opportunity for democratic cartography—please participate!