Explore the Rausser College Campus

Rausser College of Natural Resources is located in six buildings on the northwest end of the Berkeley campus, including the historic group of Hilgard, Wellman, and Giannini halls (under construction until Fall 2020), which formed part of the original UC Berkeley campus's College of Agriculture. But our students take classes across the campus as they fulfill diverse requirements for their degrees.

Campus Visitor Services

UC Berkeley's Visitor Services office provides information on:

  • Guided and self-guided walking tours
  • Residence hall tours
  • Planning your visit
  • Maps, directions, and public transit
  • Attending  classes

. . . and much more

Go to visitors.berkeley.edu for complete information.

Cal Day

Cal Day is UC Berkeley's annual open house to welcome the community, prospective students, current students, and kids and families to our vibrant and unique community. You can choose from over 300 lectures, demonstrations, tours, and performances across the Berkeley campus. Find your favorites and create your own CalDay itinerary, download it to your device and share it with your friends.

Visiting Rausser College Classes

Browse through courses on the Online Schedule of Classes. Rausser courses are listed under: Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP), Environmental Sciences (ES), Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM), Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology (NST), Plant and Microbial Biology (PMB), and Energy and Resources Group (ERG)—a graduate group. 

Essig Museum on Cal Day

Community members enjoy the Essig Museum of Entomology on Cal Day. Rosemary Gillespie, professor of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, is the associate director. Photo: Peg Skorpinski

Helpful Tips

     •   Look for lectures and not discussion courses or labs
     •   Undergraduate courses are listed as 0–199; graduate classes are 200–299.
     •   We recommend you email the instructor beforehand to make sure an exam is not scheduled on the day of your visit.
     •   Students who would like to visit a class are encouraged to visit the campus Monday–Thursday.
     •   The College's undergraduate advising office and our student resource center are located at 260 Mulford Hall.