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  • Christine Sierra O’Connell

    Christine Sierra O’Connell

    Christine is a postdoctoral researcher whose work focuses on the impacts of global change on tropical nutrient cycling.  She is currently investigating the drivers of soil greenhouse gas emissions in a Puerto Rican wet tropical forest and asking questions about the impacts of climate change on below ground nutrient cycling.  Christine has previously done research […]

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  • Justine Owen

    Justine Owen

    A little bit about myself: I am a soil scientist interested in the biogeochemistry of soils. I’m currently studying how carbon storage in soils is affected by soil characteristics and management practices. This is important because the more carbon that’s stored in the soil, the less that is in the atmosphere as CO2 where it […]

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  • Ryan Salladay

    Ryan Salladay

    A little bit about myself: I am a UC Berkeley graduate (Spring 2013), where I earned my B.S. in Environmental Sciences. As an undergraduate I worked in David Ackerly’s lab to complete my senior thesis project on herbivory defense traits of island plants. I began working in the lab in the summer of 2012, primarily […]

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  • Allegra Mayer

    Allegra Mayer

    A little bit about myself:                 I am a 1st year PhD student in the Silver Lab. I am interested in the biogeochemistry of soils, specifically the impacts of soil amendments (e.g. compost) on nutrient cycling and how these processes are affected by climate change. My research will […]

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  • Omar Gutiérrez del Arroyo

    Omar Gutiérrez del Arroyo

      A little bit about myself: Born and raised in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island that serves as a natural experiment as a result of its diversity of climates, soils, flora, and land-uses, I developed a strong interest in understanding how ecosystems develop and interact with the dynamic natural and human environment they are part […]

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  • Gavin McNicol

    Gavin McNicol

    I’m a 5th year PhD candidate in the Silver lab and I study wetland carbon biogeochemistry as part of the broader scientific effort to understand ecosystem feedbacks to the Earth’s climate system. In particular I study the release of carbon from wetlands as the greenhouse gas methane and consider: (i) the relative importance of different […]

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  • Tropical Forest Rainfall Manipulation Experiment

    Tropical Forest Rainfall Manipulation Experiment

    Tana E. Wood & Whendee L. Silver Tropical forest soils are a major source of radiatively-active trace gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O). Climate change is likely to alter soil moisture availability in tropical forests, and consequently the magnitude and temporal pattern of trace gas efflux from these systems (Matson & Vitousek […]

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  • Effects of Rangeland Management on Soil Carbon Sequestration

    Effects of Rangeland Management on Soil Carbon Sequestration

    Rangelands represent one of the largest land-use footprints in the world and hold significant potential for employing soil carbon sequestration strategies to help mitigate climate change. California rangelands exhibit a wide range in soil carbon pool sizes. Theses differences are not correlated strongly with precipitation or soil type, indicating that management may play an important […]

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  • Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in Bay Delta Peatlands

    Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in Bay Delta Peatlands

    California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Peatlands play a significant role in the Earth’s terrestrial carbon (C) cycle, accounting for approximately one-third of the global soil C reservoir. In addition, peatland soils are a significant source of methane (CH4) to the atmosphere, a potent greenhouse gas with 25 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide (CO2). […]

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