Vineyard Ecosystem Collaborative: California and Chile, Aug 29

Friday, August 29, 2014

Seminars by Special Guest Speakers from Chile
Organizers: Adina Merenlender & Miguel Altieri

12:00 Adina Merenlender, UCB/ESPM, “Reflections from Chile & CA vineyard landscapes”

12:10 Olga Barbosa, Universidad Austral, “Promoting land stewardship through ecosystem services valuation in the wine industry”

12:30 Annia Rodriguez- San Pedro, Universidad de Chile, “The effect of the matrix on bat response to forest loss and fragmentation in Central Chile”

12:50 Mauricio Gonzalez, Universidad Austral, “Distribution of grass grub larvae within vineyard blocks at Awatere Valley"

1:10 Carlos Pino, Universidad Catolica del Maule, "Organic viticulture in south central Chile"

1:20 Arturo Labbe, Odfjell Vineyard, “Functional Biodiversity and ecological restoration in Mediterranean vineyards, Maipo Valley, Chile”

1:40 Questions and Refreshments

Cosponsored by the Minister of Education, Chile, in collaboration with the Center for Latin American Studies and the Berkeley Food Institute.