3rd Cooperative Extension Showcase, Feb 5

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Interested in getting your research out to stakeholders?

Want to know more about the applied research and education work going on in agriculture, nutrition, wildfire regimes, small farms and more?

Come to the Cooperative Extension Showcase!

Cooperative Extension (CE) is a division of the University of California that is devoted to performing applied research and extending research findings out into the community to effect change on the ground.

The Showcase is a regular event that brings CE advisors and specialists to UCB to present their extension programs and connect with UCB graduate students and faculty. This year the Showcase is being organized by the Graduate Students in Extension, a group student receiving pilot funding for GSR positions.

Meet and network with Cooperative Extension people!
Graduate students can be isolated from CE even though we are in the same system. As a sizable proportion of ESPM graduate students are interested in CE careers, meeting CE advisors and seeing extension programs in action is a valuable experience. This is a great opportunity to learn about some of their work.

Learn about a funding opportunity!
The Graduate Training in Cooperative Extension program began in 2014 as a new way to educate, mentor, and support students interested in Cooperative Extension work. Application and information available here http://ucanr.edu/sites/GGCE/

ESPM and Cooperative Extension mixer sponsored by the Graduate Student in Extension group.

2-2:10 Get snacks and get settled

2:10-2:20 Welcome and introduction

2:20-2:35 Mary Blackburn, Family, Consumer Sciences, Health & Nutrition Advisor

2:35-3:50 Kent Daane, Cooperative Extension Specialist

3:50-3 Break and more snacks

3-3:15 Michael De Lasaux, Natural Resource Advisor

3:15-3:35 Panel of current Graduate Students in Extension

3:35-4 Speed talks by CE faculty & advisors with potential projects for students

4-6 ESPM and Cooperative Extension mixer