Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Urban Development, Feb 25

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Talk Abstract:
Sustainability advocates have long had conflicted reactions to technology. On one hand, many individuals going back to 19th century Luddites and 1960s and 70s “appropriate technology” pioneers have questioned whether many forms of technology are desirable or sustainable. On the other hand, other technologies such as those related to renewable energy, low-carbon transportation, ecological restoration, and social mobilization clearly play an important role in sustainable development. The debate over appropriate technology for the twenty-first century is very much with us currently as California considers whether to invest tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in technologies such as high-speed rail and ocean water desalinization. There are no easy answers to the questions surrounding “sustainability technology,” if we can call it that. However, this talk will review the historic tensions between “technology” and “sustainability,” identify key areas of conflict and synergy, and propose guidelines that may be useful for sustainable city technology in the future.

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