OLLI @Berkeley Winter 2015 Speaker Series: Civic Engagement and the Management of Water Resources, Feb 18

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

OLLI Talks: Civic Engagement and the Management of Water Resources. Nile Project founder Mina Girgis talks with campus experts.

Human life depends on the availability and quality of water to sustain our health, grow our food, power our homes with electricity and stimulate our economies. However, due to overpopulation, increased demand for food, climate change and pollution, as much as two-thirds of the world’s citizens may face water stressed conditions, severely impacting the living and economic conditions of communities, countries and regions by 2025. Without water, we cannot survive. How can we as individuals become more involved in the management of this precious and limited resource? Using the Nile Basin, the Bay Area, and California as regional and local case studies, a panel of experts, Nile Project founder Mina Girgis and select Nile Project musicians will explore the use of innovative civic engagement strategies to overcome political stakeholder barriers, create a common understanding between competing interests, and build constituencies for action both between and within nations where water has become an impediment to peace and socio-economic development.

More info at http://www.nileproject.org/