The Challenge of Numeracy: Why Simply Providing Data is not Enough, Dec 14

Monday, December 14, 2015

Join us for the latest event in the Health Communication Matters Webinar Series, from the Center for Public Health Practice at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health!

This webinar will present on the challenges posed by the quantitative health information we share with health care consumers. It will include a brief review of the prevalence and health impact of low numeracy skills in the United States identified by the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), a large-scale assessment conducted in 2012. It will then review the impact of low numeracy on health care consumers' abilities to use health data in meaningful ways and discuss communication strategies to overcome these barriers.

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Learning objectives:

- Describe the numeracy skills of adults in the United States as measured by the PIAAC
- Identify some of the ways that adults with low numeracy skills have difficulty using or interpreting health data
- Identify evidence-based communication methods that improve understanding of numerical health data

Cynthia Zafft RN, EdD, Principal Investigator, Literacy Information and Communication System; and Brian J. Zikmund-Fisher PhD, Associate Professor, University of Michigan School of Public Health, Research Associate Professor, University of Michigan Medical School

Erin Brigham MPH, Research Lead, CareSource