Faith-science discussion group, Mar 5-May 14, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Faiths, worldviews, and epistemologies play a huge role in shaping our thoughts and actions, yet religious faith and scientific investigation are often seen as mutually exclusive. As a letter last fall in Science* pointed out, a chasm has developed between scientists and much of the general public, making communication and collaboration (e.g. on effective environmental action) much more difficult.

In an effort to think through these issues in a purposeful way, the faith-science discussion group will meet for about an hour each week to discuss important topics at the intersection of religion and the environment. We may use short articles as a jumping-off point, or simply choose a topic of general interest each week. The group is open to Cal students from any discipline, and eagerly welcomes people of all worldviews.

Email if you're interested!

*Hanes, J.M. 2014. Science and religion: think local. Science 346:309.