SERC DeCal: The Zero Waste Movement, Jan 29-Apr 30, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

About the course:
Have you heard about the goal of Zero Waste by 2020?
Have you ever wondered where your trash goes once you throw it in a bin or dumpster?

This course is designed to encourage students to consider where disposed items go and what becomes of them chemically and how that affects humans and the environment. Ground your understanding of waste management systems and infrastructure by learning about limitations with recycling and composting, the magnitude of the international plastic dilemma, and the Zero Waste movement striving to discuss corporate marketing of sustainable ideologies. This class aims to inspire students to take action on environmental, social and economic challenges related to waste, recycling and resource recovery. By utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, this DeCal will provide both a local and international perspective on sustainable waste management practices.

Topics of emphasis will include three basic themes:
1) Environmental justice and social responsibility
2) International economic perspective
3) Local business management approach

The themes of this course will be explored critically, and students will be asked to approach problems by utilizing various problem solving approaches such as collaborative adaptive management, a systems approach, direct action, or political advocacy.

How to Enroll: First come, first served.

Course Contact: gar-bear AT
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Kate O' Neill