Power Shift Convergence 2016: Reclaim Today, Transform Tomorrow

The powershift conference empowers young folx to reclaim the future with regards to speaking up about climate change now.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Power Shift brings young climate leaders together as a movement—building the organizing skills, shared excitement, and strong relationships needed for a long-term commitment to the grassroots work that will help us realize a just, clean energy-powered future.

Since 2007, Power Shift convergences have trained, connected, and inspired tens of thousands of young people and propelled the growth of the youth-led climate movement. Thanks in part to Power Shift, the youth climate movement has evolved from a chorus of advocates to a formidable political force.

In a critical year for our democracy and our climate, Power Shift 2016 is a place to train young leaders in the fight for climate justice, help amplify the voice and power of our local communities, and leverage that power to help the climate justice movement win at the national level.

UC Berkeley is hosting Power Shift West from November 11th-November 13th.

The Power Shift Network is partnering with the California Student Sustainability Coalition for Power Shift West Convergence 2016! Join young climate and social justice leaders from all over the West for a weekend of workshops, trainings, speakers, and movement-building.

The theme of the convergence is “Reclaim Today, Transform Tomorrow.” We know that the face of climate and environmental activism too often doesn’t represent those who are most impacted by pollution, the impact of climate change, and the fossil fuel industry’s greed. In Berkeley, we’ll dig into how we can reclaim and transform our movement to put the stories and struggles of the most impacted communities front and center—starting today.

Tickets are $5 for UC Berkeley students. Register today at https://actionnetwork.org/ticketed_events/register-for-power-shift-west