Professor Trausti Valsson Book Talk

Shaping the future: the book

Monday, November 21, 2016

Professor Trausti Valsson gives a talk on his new book: SHAPING THE FUTURE

Recently Professor Valsson published his auto-biography: SHAPING THE FUTURE. It can can be read for free on the net. It tells e.g about Valsson´s studies at TU West-Berlin from 1967 to 1972, during the height of the East-West tensions. In 1987 Valsson finished his PhD in Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley. This was followed by 27 years of teaching as a Professor of Planning at the University of Iceland.

Professor Valsson has published fourteen books. Four of them can be read for free on his homepage: . These are the four books: Shaping the Future (2016), Mótun framtíðar (2015), Planning in Iceland (2003) and How the World will Change - with Global Warming(2006). The Facebook-page of SHAPING THE FUTURE is at: