ERG Colloquium: Paul Baer Retrospective

Energy and Resource group

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This special ERG colloquium will celebrate the work of ERG alumnus Paul Baer who passed away on September 6, 2016. Paul was a strong force as an activist scholar and interdisciplinary researcher. He was a leading thinker on how to determine the fair and equitable obligation of each country under UN climate agreements, and a compelling voice bringing this work into the UN climate negotiations. Paul worked closely with Tom Athanasiou and Sivan Kartha at EcoEquity, a think tank Paul and Tom founded in 1999. This talk will focus on the challenge that Paul took up at the heart of his work – how to win, or at least understand, a global climate transition that’s fair enough to actually succeed, even in the face of the extraordinary physical and political challenges of climate stabilization. Today, after Paris and then the American election, understanding the role that equity must play in any high-ambition climate transition is more pressing than ever. Thus, Paul’s long-time colleague Tom Athanasiou will explain Paul’s work and its contribution to the realist challenge of global climate justice.

There will be a gathering of friends, family, and colleagues after the colloquium at the Beta Lounge at 2129 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA. All are welcome.