Student Listening Session with Farmworker Women

farm cow

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Join members of Líderes Campesinas for an opportunity to learn directly about the lives and activism of California farm-working women (campesinas). The mission of Líderes Campesinas is to develop leadership among campesinas so that they serve as agents of political, social, and economic change in the farmworker community. This leadership has created an organization by and for campesinas. The approach emphasizes capacity building, democratic decision-making, advocacy, peer training and leadership development as well as a mixture of traditional and innovative education, outreach and mobilizing methods such as house meetings, arts, and theatrical presentations (dramas or teatros) at community venues. Open to college and university students.

Registration required. Register here.

Photo by Vida en el Valle. Líderes Campesinas display pieces of fabric they decorated to send a message about the dangers of pesticides.