UC Berkeley Foodscape Map Launch

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Join the “Building Equitable and Inclusive Food Systems at UC Berkeley” team for an unveiling of our interactive, participatory UC Berkeley Foodscape Map. This map provides a snapshot of all food-related initiatives on campus, compiling and showcasing the history, outcomes, and future potential of: UC Berkeley teaching, student and faculty research, student organizations, administrative decisions and initiatives, and dining services and procurement. This map not only serves as a central hub for information, but also, and more importantly, highlights the structural conditions which enable exclusions based on social markers of identity (gender, race, class, etc.). This map traces the evolution of food studies and food-related initiatives at UC Berkeley in an effort to highlight opportunities for equity-oriented change and meaningful, diverse engagement. Come learn about UC Berkeley food system history, celebrate where UC Berkeley has progressed, and add your visions to this collective undertaking.