Politically Engaged Science, Sep 14-Dec 21, 2017

Thursday, October 05, 2017

This series challenges the notion that science and politics should not mix. Building on the March for Science and the People's Climate March, we'll discuss how research in the public interest can make an impact in a political environment dominated by corporate interests, from the major parties to the media.

Weekly discussions will focus on case studies of activist scientists, political debates featuring research, and contemporary examples of researchers' use of data analysis and scientific expertise to speak out on prominent issues. We will also collectively address broader questions:

• How can researchers maintain credibility and legitimacy in the face of political opposition? What happens when political intellectuals disagree? What about "objectivity" and "post-truth"?
• How should scientists and researchers interface with grassroots activism?
• How do accusations of politicization of science relate to the political interests of dominant forces in government, military, and industry?
• How should scientific research account for the differential impacts of environmental, economic or other crises on people based on their race, ethnicity, gender and class?
• What approaches to social and political change are available to scientists and researchers beyond electoral politics?

We welcome any interested members of our campus community to participate, whether students, staff, faculty. Our goal is to provide a forum to think through the challenges to and opportunities for politically engaged science, and hopefully build a foundation upon which future projects, groups, and initiatives can grow.

*Contact ucb.engaged.science@gmail.com to stay in the loop if you can’t attend.