Greek Life Food Experience Roundtable

Photo of fruits and vegetables.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Are you in Cal Greeks and skipping meals? Do you wish your kitchen was open on weekends? Are your kitchens clean? Do you get to eat the food that makes you feel at home?

Come join us on March 3 from 7 – 8pm at Tri Delta to have a discussion about the Greek Life food experiences and how it intersects with health, sustainability, and equity. There will be students from on campus food resources such as the UC Berkeley Food Pantry, and health workers to help us address some of the issues we face. We want to hear your experiences and create a greater and more equitable food system together. Since we are talking about food, food will also be provided! We warmly welcome members of PHC, IFC, NPHC, MCGC!

Hosted by the Berkeley Food Institute Foodscape Mapping Project, PHC Vice Presidents of Sustainability, Health and Wellness, and Community Development, and IFC Vice President of Sustainability.