Food Innovation Studio Showcase

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Join us at this student-led showcase to receive a crash course on the hottest topics impacting the sustainable food space. Student leaders from Will Rosenzweig's fall 2018 Food Innovation Studio will present a high-level landscape analysis of topics such as applications of blockchain technology in the food system, progress in tackling food waste, the rise of regenerative agriculture practices, and the evolution of plant-based proteins. Students will then highlight key areas that are ripe for disruption in the near future.

Marble Fats Overview | Aaron Hall
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical impacts of their consumption of animals and are turning toward plant-based meats as a friendlier alternative. However, the current product offerings lack the richness of texture and flavor consumers desire in meat. due to technical limitations with their manufacture. Marble Fats offers a platform to overcome those challenges and usher in a new paradigm for plant-based meats.

RePeel Overview | Jessica Heiges
RePeel is a reusable food container service. The multidisciplinary team of three graduate students aims to provide a convenient and environmentally sustainable alternative to the single-use disposable foodware served at university campuses.

Supply Chain Sustainability Overview | Elaine Hsu
The supply chain sustainability overview provides a look at common supply chain sustainability tools and frameworks and a look at where supply chain sustainability is headed. In particular, we look at supply chain sustainability from a systems perspective that incorporates multiple stakeholders and the value of integrating ecosystem services into company planning and accounting.

Personalization Overview | Margaret Baughman
An exploration of the expression of the macrotrend of personalization on the food industry.

Food Delivery Overview | Shom Gupta
An overview of the restaurant delivery landscape, covering the different models, investment activity, and economic implications for the food service industry.

Investing & Finance Overview | Maryli Cheng
Investing and Finance Hotspot will cover an overview of historical investment, financing highlights, big investors, and major M&A activity for both the Food & Beverage industry and Agriculture Technology. This includes both a recent historical perspective as well as trends and learnings for the next few years.

Vertical Farming Overview | Mariana Lanzas Goded
This presentation will cover the benefits of vertical farming in terms of sustainability impact and production efficiency. It will also shed some light on the challenges and trends that are defining this emerging industry. We will end by covering some venture capital investments in vertical farming.