Fire in Western U.S. Forests: Friend or Foe?

Scott Stephens

Professor of Fire Science, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management

Scott Stephens

Friday, October 16, 2020 | 11:30am - 12:30pm

Virtual - link below

Wildfires are becoming increasingly common, especially in California where they have devastated many communities and ecosystems across the state. Professor Scott Stephens outlines the science behind their increasing frequency and discusses strategies that can enhance the resilience of California’s forests.

Register here on UC Berkeley's Homecoming page by entering your information and ticking the box for this session. You can view the live talk on October 16 at this website.  This event includes a live Q&A.

Scott Stephens is a leading expert on fire science and director of the UCB Center for Fire Research and Outreach. Stephens’ research expertise and interests include fire management, forest ecosystems, and fire ecology. He is interested in the interactions of wildland fire and ecosystems, which includes how prehistoric fires once interacted with ecosystems, how current wildland fires are affecting ecosystems, and how future fires, changing climates, and management may change this interaction. Stephens also is interested in forest and fire policy and how it can be improved to meet the challenges of the next decades, both in the USA and internationally.