Rausser College Video Highlights

Selected videos highlighting the research and outreach work of our faculty.

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

David Ackerly
Conservation in a Changing World (5:25), 2017
Race, Society, and the History of Physiology (19:10), 2020

Jill Banfield
2011 Laureate of the Franklin Institute in Earth and Environmental Science (5:25), 2011
Characterizing Subsurface Microbes (2:36), 2015

Steve Beissinger
The Past and Future of Lassen National Park (TedXRedding, 14:40), 2017

Carl Boettiger
Detecting Change in Global Biodiversity through Large Scale Network Analysis (27:18), 2018

Van Butsic
Marijuana Legalization and Health Outcomes (20:58), 2018
California Agriculture (56:47), 2019

Justin Brashares
Biodiversity Loss, Human Health and Social Conflict (4:52), 2017

Tom Bruns
Oral History of Mycology (34:29), 2018

Todd Dawson
Drones help monitor Sequoia tree health (4:57), 2016

Paolo D’Odorico
Drivers and Effects of Virtual Water Cycling (42:39), 2017
Food-Energy-Water nexus: implications for developing countries (17:35), 2019

Kent Daane
How to control Spotted Wing Drosophila in Cherries (5:13), 2019

Inez Fung
Verifying Climate Treaties (4:59), 2017

Matteo Garbelotto
Three steps to manage sudden oak death (1:20), 2015
California Agriculture (3:46), 2019

Rosemary Gillespie
Globalization of the World’s Biota (6:20), 2017

Allen Goldstein and Ron Cohen
ARB Research Seminars - San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Study (2:21),  2015

Ted Grantham
Drought, climate change and California water management (23:17), 2016
Fourth Climate Assessment (4:16), 2018

Seth Holmes
Our food system hurts: living with migrant farmworkers (16:41), 2015
Confronting Health Inequity (48:05), 2019

Lynn Huntsinger 
The Necessity of Livestock Grazing (1:51), 2019

Maggi Kelly 
Mapping with Spatial Data (52:17), 2018

Claire Kremen  
Farming for the Future (4:57), 2018
Sustainable Agriculture for Biodiversity Conservation (11:54), 2019

Adina Merenlende
Benefits of Research at the UC Hopland and Extension Research Center (3:21) 2019

Arthur Middleton
Take an Epic Journey with the Elk of Yellowstone (Nat Geo, 28:05), 2017

Rachel Morello-Frosch
Equity and the Environment: What's the Connection? (17:57), 2018
BCPP Behind the Science Ep. 3: Equity, stress, and firefighters (6:24), 2019

Kate O’Neill
The Global (and Local) Impacts of China’s Scrap Ban (12:17), 2018
ESPM Professor Kate O'Neill on NPR's Fresh Air, 2019

Nancy Peluso
Documenting small-scale gold mining in Indonesia (8:31), 2015

Whendee Silver
Managing the Soil for Carbon is Good for the Climate (3:34), 2018

Jennifer Sowerwine
The Changing Faces of California Agriculture (4:31), 2015

Scott Stephens
Wildfires in California- Friend or Foe (TedXBerkeley, 14:56), 2019

Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology

Plant & Microbial Biology

Lewis Feldman
Caring for your dorm plant (1:19), 2012

N. Louise Glass
Approaches to Dissecting Plant Genes (31:32), 2012

Britt Glaunsinger
Coronaviruses 101: Focus on Molecular Virology (62:08), 2020

Steven Lindow
Creating Winegrape Vines resistant to Pierce's Disease (2:59), 2011

Krishna Niyogi
Growing Plants with less water (1:17), 2018

Kimberly Seed
Viruses Hacking CRISPR (2:10), 2019

Brian Staskawicz 
Genomic Editing Strategies for Disease Resistance (47:42), 2017

Mary Wildermuth
Developing the next generation of diverse scientists (8:30), 2018