Plants on a table in a greenhouse

User fees cover plant watering and monitoring (365 days/year), scouting, pest control, as well as the additional services listed below.

  • Room cleanups between plantings
  • Pest control (including biological control)
  • Basic irrigation or mist setup
  • Transgenic material autoclaving–this includes the Oxford facility and Koshland growth chambers
  • Photoperiod adjustments
  • Temperature set-point adjustments
  • Pot washing–greenhouse staff provides this service for all our reusable pots. However if a user would like to wash non-standard supplies, the industrial pot washer can be made available to use.
  • Autoclave services
  • Temperature/RH readouts upon request–you must request before the desired recording dates


Additional services such as supplemental cleanups, regularly scheduled planting, and basic plant maintenance are provided at an hourly recharge rate.

If you have any questions or special needs for your setup, please contact the greenhouse manager.