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About Poster Sessions

The Rausser College of Natural Resources Office of Instruction and Student Affairs sponsors two poster sessions each year (fall and spring) for undergraduates to present their research to the community. This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Gain communication and presentation skills
  • Learn to summarize your research, an integral part of a scholarship
  • Get recognition for your hard work on a research project
  • Have the chance to discuss your project with others who share your interests
  • Give the local community a chance to learn about the exciting research being done by you, a fabulous undergraduate
  • Add another great experience to your professional resume

Important: Students completing a student-initiated SPUR project or participating in the travel grant this semester must participate.

Poster Session Guidelines for Participants

Designing a Poster

Posters can be created in several different ways, but many students prefer to use PowerPoint to design the poster. Here is a useful guide to creating a research poster, from concept to execution. Students can also choose to make a PowerPoint presentation, instead of a standard poster, if they wish to present that at the Virtual Research Showcase. 

We also encourage students who are interested to record a voice-over or video presentation in PowerPoint to provide additional context or to better explain your research!

Curious to see examples? You view our Spring 2020 Virtual Research Showcase and watch our Fall 2020 Virtual Research Showcase here!

Spring 2021 Virtual Research Showcase:

More information about our Spring 2021 Rausser College Student Research Showcase will be posted in January. Stay tuned!

Participants will need to email their completed research posters or presentations (pdf, png, tif, jpg or ppt files) by emailing them to

Recipients of the Rausser College Travel Grant & Student-Initiated SPUR are required to participate in this event. If you are unable to participate in the live Zoom Session for the Research Showcase, we ask that you make a video presentation of you presenting your work or narrating your poster as an alternative. 


Please contact Craig Crossley at