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2022 Rausser College Photo Contest Winners

Over 120 images were submitted to this year's photo contest! From field research to landscapes, animals to student life, the submitted images represent the wide-ranging activities of the college community and exemplify the beauty of the world we are all working to improve. Below we share the winners of this year's contest. Be sure to see all photo contest entries on Flickr.

an old shipwreck in front of a bright blue sky

Unfortunate Misdirection
Isabella Cecka, Undergraduate

The S.S. Point Reyes fishing boat ran aground around 100 years ago. It was dragged to the sandbar it sits on now by a farmer who originally intended to restore the boat. He, however abandoned the project many years ago and the ship remains on the sand bar in Inverness, California for others to enjoy.


Dozens of caterpillars occupying a green branch

Tent Caterpillars
Chloe Latt, Undergraduate

Image depicts a bundle of tent caterpillars preached on a branch. Tent caterpillars are a gregarious insect commonly found 'dancing' around and huddled in large groups. 


People in yellow fire protective gear working near a fire

Revitalizing Indigenous Fire at Quiroste Valley Cultural Preserve
Alexii Sigona, PhD Student

Amah Mutsun Tribe member and Native Steward, Christopher Sanchez, tends to a pile burn at Quiroste Valley Cultural Preserve. The burn is part of a greater effort to remove encroaching woody vegetation from the Quiroste Valley, as part of a cultural landscape restoration project between State Parks and the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band.


An elephant walking near a small body of water

Personal Spa Day
Isabella Cecka, Undergraduate

Male African Elephant, at the Ongava Game Reserve in Namibia, post-bath in the watering hole. 


A white sand lizard almost blending into white sand.

Wonderful Crypsis
Telma Laurentino, Alum

The Rosenblum lab, ESPM, has been studying the evolution of the striking White Sands lizards for 20 years. These lizards have evolved a striking cryptic coloration to match the gypsum background and have become a classic, rare and wonderful model of repeated evolution. In the photo, a lesser earless lizard keeps an eye on the curious scientists.


A person standing looking away from the camera with arms overhead. graffiti on concrete next to them and San Francisco skyline in the background.

East Bay Embrace
Donovan Mierlak, Undergraduate

A Rausser College student takes in the view of the San Francisco skyline after birdwatching at Albany Bulb.


A landscape showing a bare tree and scarves tied around its trunk in Tibet

Jieyuan Kan, Undergraduate

This photo was taken in Hoh Xil, China. "Zang" people (Tibetans) will tie their scarves to the trees as a pray and blessing for their families' happiness and health. On the right side, there is a slogan in Chinese which means "protecting environment is everyone's responsibility." However, this praying will bring some damages to the trees and their ecological environments.  


Mountains in Tibet with buildings and a body of water in the foreground

People of Kunlun Mountains
Jieyuan Kan, Undergraduate

This photo was taken under the Kunlun mountains. There are some houses built by the "Zang" people (Tibetans) under the gorgeous mountains. They feel very happy and lucky to live with this mysterious mountains, which are depicted as the "House of Gods" in many Chinese fictions.


a dramatic carpet of redwood sorrel

Redwood Sorrel
Chloe Latt, Undergraduate

A dramatic carpet of redwood sorrel beneath a forest of giant sequoias in Humboldt county.


A dramatic image of a tamarin monkey gazing up against a black background

Ava Foster, Undergraduate

A tamarin monkey gazing up into the light.


The outline of a firefighter walking in a smoky forest.

Sending Smoke to the Oaks
Stacey Frederick, Staff

A prescribed fire training day in the North bay. The right fire at the right place and time can help restore so many of our California ecosystems. This training was lead by CAL alumni and seeks to build prescribed fire capacity. 


An empty paved road surrounded by a lush tropical mountainous terrain behind a clear sky.

Commute to the Store
Catriona Black, Alum

This photo was taken on Moorea, French Polynesia while participating in the field course ESPM C107. It was on the road to the grocery store.