Headshot of Tina Wistrom.

Tina Wistrom

Facility Manager
(510) 642-8189

Tina Wistrom has an MS in Plant Pathology from Oregon State University and a BS in Plant Biology from UC Davis, and has managed the Oxford Facility since 2013.  Her research interests include integrated pest management, biocontrol, and HID lighting systems.  Before managing the greenhouse, she studied insect-transmitted plant pathogens such Xylella fastidiosa and grapevine leafroll-associated virus, and their sharpshooter and mealybug insect vectors. She has extensive experience managing plant science research, and a deep appreciation for anything that photosynthesizes.

Headshot of Bradlee Mcanally in front of a field.

Bradlee McAnally

Senior Farm Maintenance Technician

Bradlee has 3 years' experience at Oxford Facility. Before that he worked at Generation Growers in Modesto and Arkansas State University. He has a Bachelor's degree in Plant and Soil Science with a concentration in Horticulture from Arkansas State University. His horticultural interests are efficient greenhouse production and processes.

Headshot of Kristina Chan

Kristina Chan

Senior Nursery Technician

Kristina grew up in Berkeley, and has a B.S. in Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry from UC Davis. Her background is in California native plants and she has previously worked at the GGNRA Presidio Nursery and as the Assistant Production Manager at The Watershed Nursery. She loves all plants, but has a soft spot for ferns.

Headshot of Benjamin Russell

Benjamin Russell

Senior Nursery Technician

Ben has been working at the Oxford Tract for 5 years now. Before coming to Berkley he graduated from UC Davis in Landscape Architecture with an emphasis in ecological restoration while also working at the Plant Science greenhouses and labs in addition to the UC Davis Arboretum. He also has done historical landscape design and restoration with the National Park Service and loves collecting rare plants in his spare time.  

Headshot of Anela Napoleon

Anela Napoleon

Senior Nursery Technician

Before coming to UC Berkeley, Anela worked for the Division of Forestry and Wildlife in Pearl City, Hawaii. She has a B.S. in Environmental Science from Creighton University. Her horticultural interests are native plant propagation and seed storage. Her favorite plant is Euphorbia degeneri.

Headshot of Anna Magruder

Anna Magruder

Student Assistant

Anna is an Environmental Science and Ecosystem Management & Forestry double major. She is interested in vegetation management practices that promote climate and fire resilience in California’s forests.

Headshot of Anthony Martinez

Anthony Martinez

Student Assistant

Tony is a Conservation and Resource Studies major with an emphasis on Wildlife Conservation and Justice. Their horticultural interests are landscaping and pomology!

Headshot of Arpine Sinani

Arpine Sinani

Student Assistant

Arpine is a Conservation and Resource Studies Major with an emphasis in Agroecology. Their horticultural interests are permaculture landscape design and integrated pest management.

Headshot of Kendall Ashley

Kendall Ashley

Student Assistant