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CNR Joins in Agricultural Genomics Institute

October 03, 2000
Governor Gray Davis has allocated $300 million to fund the creation of three new research initiatives on University of California campuses, to be known as the California Institutes for Science and Innovation. The College of Natural Resources, in partnership with the Riverside and Davis campuses, is participating in an effort by the University of California to create a California Institute for Agricultural Genomics.

The proposed Agricultural Genomics Institute was selected as one of six finalists eligible to submit a fully developed proposal. If established the Institute will unite more than 200 scientists with expertise in plant and microbial biology, nutrition and animal science from the three campuses in efforts to improve agricultural efficiency, minimize crop loss due to pests and disease and develop nutritional and bio-based products to promote health and well-being. Full proposals are due October 6, 2000. Funding decisions are expected in late November.

For details about the initiative, please visit the California Institute for Agricultural Genomics web site.