CWH now jointly administered by CNR and SPH

June 02, 2005

A recent celebration announced the partnership between the School of Public Health and the College of Natural Resources as co-directors over the Center for Weight and Health.

On Thursday, June 2, CNR Dean Paul Ludden and Stephen Shortell, dean of the School of Public Health, announced a new partnership between the schools to jointly administer UC Berkeley's Center for Weight and Health.

The Center for Weight and Health co-sponsors the largest nationwide conference on childhood obesity, the California Childhood Obesity Conference, and provides the most comprehensive resource on the subject though its extensive research.

"It makes perfect sense to bring our two organizations closer together through the Center for Weight and Health, since we are both striving to address a crucial public health issue at a time when rising obesity rates have reached a crisis level," said Shortell.

"The formalization this partnership will provide additional opportunities for collaborative research, fundraising, and outreach to address the state's epidemic of obesity," said Ludden.

The deans jointly announced the center's new co-directors, Dr. Pat Crawford, CNR, and Dr. May-Choo W. Wang, SPH.