Kyle Dukart and Matt Fratus Receive CNR’s Staff Recognition Award

April 09, 2007
This year’s recipients of the CNR Staff Recognition Award are Matt Fratus and Kyle Dukart. The annual award was created to honor outstanding service by CNR staff.

“In an office where everyone has a full workload and many deadlines, Matt is always available to help others,” says Aimee Kelley. Fratus, the director of the Annual Fund, “is always able to assist anybody with the help they need no matter how little or big the task, or how unrelated to his job it is.” His coworkers also applaud his "great ideas on improving our current systems and procedures; we would not be where we are today without Matt.”

“'Kyle is the best!' is an often-heard statement when our students, both undergrads and grads, mention Kyle and the effect he has on their lives,” write his nominators Susan Jenkins and Marjorie Ensor. Dukart, a undergraduate and graduate student advisor has served on committees such as the Biology Major Consortium and the CNR Undergraduate Taskforce. His nominators say, “Kyle is a valuable asset to our faculty. They have come to rely and depend on Kyle for just about everything. His motto is ‘We’ll get it done!’ and this is the case despite the numerous requests he and his office handle."