Professor Bob Buchanan Receives Career Achievement Award

April 09, 2007
Professor Bob Buchanan began his career at Berkeley in 1963, and has been an invaluable faculty member ever since. His distinguished teaching record in the department of plant and microbial biology as well as his scholarly achievements and service to CNR have earned him the inaugural Career Achievement Award.

Buchanan is described by his nominator Peggy Lemaux as “a UC Berkeley professor, through and through. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Professor Buchanan has excelled in research and teaching, contributing impressively to both areas. He has served the campus in an unparalleled fashion.” Buchanan has taught a demanding upper division biology course in biochemistry with approximately six hundred students and has served on a number of committees including the UC Systemwide Committee on Academic Personnel.
In addition to his excellent record of service and teaching, Buchanan’s research career has been groundbreaking. “He has devoted his career to the study of the impact of redox changes in plants and these efforts have expanded to touch on human medical applications,” says Lemaux, “in addition to his impressive research impact, being the lead editior of a seminal textbook in the field of plant biochemistry and molecular biology has elevated his impact to a worldwide scale.”