Executive Associate Dean, Departmental Leadership Announced

June 19, 2007
Prof. Steve Welter

Stephen Welter, professor of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management, has been named executive associate dean of CNR beginning August 1.

Welter is a former chair of the division of Organisms & Environment, recipient of the Academic Senate’s Distinguished Teaching Award, and a respected researcher in the field of insect biology. As executive associate dean, he will represent the College on the ANR Program Council, oversee the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs, and represent the Dean’s Office with authority equivalent to that of Interim Dean Keith Gilless.

Departmental leadership changes, effective July 1, were also announced.
Larry Karp will take over as Chair of Agricultural & Resource

Allen Goldstein will take over as Chair of Environmental Science, Policy,
& Management.

The following faculty have been recommended to the campus for appointment as the Divisional Chairs in Environmental Science, Policy, & Management:
Ron Amundson for Ecosystem Sciences
Nancy Peluso for Society & Environment
Vince Resh for Organisms & Environment

In addition, Joe Napoli will continue as Chair of
Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology, and Brian Staskawicz and John Taylor will continue as Chair and Associate Chair,
respectively, of Plant and Microbial Biology.