Lifetime Achievement Award Presented for Research in Groundwater Hydrology

September 20, 2009
The Groundwater Resources Association of California has awarded Professor T.N. Narasimhan with its Lifetime Achievement Award for 2009 for his contributions in the field of groundwater hydrology.

"This award is presented annually to individuals for their exemplary contributions to the groundwater industry and for contributions that have been in the spirit of the Groundwater Resources Association's mission and organization objectives. Individuals who receive the Lifetime Achievement Award have dedicated their lives to the groundwater industry and have been pioneers in their field of expertise," the citation reads.

The honor will be conferred on October 7, 2009 at Sacramento during the 18th Annual Conference of GRA and the concurrent 27th Biennial Groundwater Conference of the Center for Water Resources, University of California.

Previous recipients of this award from UC Berkeley include David K. Todd of Civil Engineering, and Luna B. Leopold of Earth and Planetary Sciences.